Nagorikkontho is a Platform for the citizens which encourage their participation and gives them voice to express their opinions, feedback regarding public services and other issues of Bangladesh Government.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citizen's Voice?

Like every other country, the citizens of Bangladesh are entitled to different free and fee-based public services. These services include essential ones like education, health, energy and communication. A large section of population depends on these public services due to their low purchasing power and other limitations. Every Bangladeshi citizen has the right to those services. These citizens’ rights have been addressed in the Constitution of Bangladesh. The nature and scope of these services have been outlined in the citizen charters of the respective organizations. The general population can know about those services from these citizens’ charters.

Many citizens of Bangladesh are not aware of the public services available and their right to use these services. The level of awareness on these issues is very low, especially in the disadvantaged and marginalized sections. Experience shows us that when they become aware of these services and engage in the process, the quality of service goes up. If citizens’ participation can be ensured then the service providers can assess the needs more accurately and concentrate on improving these services. In the context of Bangladesh there is an urgent need of engaging citizens for more interaction with the public service providers.

Citizen's Voice is a Platform for the citizens which encourage their participation and gives them voice to express their opinions, feedback regarding public services and other issues.

Who are behind this initiative?

Population Services And Training Center (PSTC), with the help of United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) Bangladesh, has started this Citizen's Voice project which provides a platform for the citizens to voice their opinions on quality of service of the public service providers and to initiate interaction with them for improvement of services.

What is the goal of the Citizen's Voice project?

- Improve citizens' lives by improving quality of public service

- Increase effectiveness of the service providers through feedback

- Provide a democratic space for interaction among service recipients and providers through appropriate use of technology.

- Assist in strengthening democratic institutions and right based environment.

How can you participate

You can send your news, reports, feedback and suggestions etc. using a mobile or a pc with the help of text, image, video and audio.

How to submit report:

1. Send an SMS to this number 8801733498185

2. Send an email or MMS to this address:

3. Submit reports using web form available in the site.

What will be the style of the report?

# Reports via SMS:



Please bear in mind that the length of an SMS is 160 characters. You can send multiple SMS.

# Reports via web or email:

These things can be included but not in particular order:

  • Name
  • Place
  • What the report is about?
  • What news or facts
  • complaints
  • feedback
  • Acknowledgments
  • Suggestions

Reporting Guidelines

  • The key is to respect others opinions. The use of libel and abusive words will not be allowed.
  • The liability for all the opinions expressed in this portal lies with the respective authors. You can comment or report anonymously, but misuse of this facility will not be allowed.
  • This is a non-political platform. Showing alliance to political parties are discouraged.
  • Reports attacking core values of the country like culture and heritage of Bangladesh, liberation war and religious tolerance will not be published.
  • Publishing of reports and comments may take reasonable time. Users are requested to have patience regarding this.
  • Please refrain from all kinds of trolling, intimidation and abuse when commenting on others' opinions.
  • Reports/ comments cannot be republished violating copyright laws. Anyone can quote from someone (fair use) but they need to provide the source (with link where possible)

You are requested to avoid these things when submitting a report:

- Preaching of religion

- Campaigning for any political party or leader

- Advertisement of any product or website

- Discussion without context or reference.

- Intentionally reporting about false facts.

- Critic without logic and forcefully establishing own opinion disrespecting others

- Obscene contents (The moderators decision is final)

- Fundamentalist/sexist/racist opinions and remarks

- Publishing others' private information without consent

- Act as or represent another person without consent

- Provocative, jealous or conflicting contents

- Any information that can harm the country or against the law

- Republishing others contents without consent or reference

- Indecent expression of opinions.

Comment Submission Guidelines

- The comment should be within 300 words.

- Please engage in open debate

- While replying to a comment please refrain from trolling, attacking and abusing others. Respect others' opinions.

- The commenter is responsible if he/she hurts others.

- Commenters need to be civilized. No need to impose one's opinion on others.

- Comments without reference or logic will not be published.

- No advertisement allowed.

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